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FEB 19, 2021

Three-Day Virtual Live CE Event

Registration for the AAFP three-day virtual live CE event, Spring into Feline Medicine, is now open!  The first 500 attendees can also receive a $5...

FEB 16, 2021

Why Rhinos Fly Upside Down Over Namibia

Researchers determined that the pachyderms fare just fine when they sail suspended from a helicopter.

FEB 16, 2021

Introducing the 2020 AAFP Retrovirus Testing & Management Guidelines

The AAFP published new guidelines for FeLV and FIV testing and management. New information on the outcomes of infection with both viruses and new...

FEB 14, 2021

BSAVA Virtual Congress programme

Registration is now open for BSAVA Virtual Congress 25th – 27th March 2021 , Europe’s largest event for the small animal veterinary sector.

FEB 12, 2021

Spring into Feline Medicine - AAFP

Spring into Feline Medicine a Three-Day Virtual Live CE Event by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) on April 18, April 28, & May...

FEB 07, 2021

2021 Annual Conference – Hybrid Event

2021 AAFP Conference – Hybrid Event - Anesthesia, Analgesia, & Surgery in the Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona & Virtual on September 30 –...

FEB 04, 2021

New stem cell therapy in dogs -- a breakthrough in veterinary medicine

Scientists have developed a novel method to induce stem cell generation from the blood samples of dogs. Through this technique, the scientists hope to...

JAN 29, 2021


Winn Feline Foundation (Winn) and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) are pleased to announce two scholarships for third- or...

JAN 18, 2021

Europe’s first dedicated living biobank for endangered animals is launched to halt the catastrophic decline in global biodiversity

Nature’s SAFE, Europe’s first Living Biobank dedicated to preserving endangered animals has been launched with the mission to save animals from...

JAN 11, 2021

Veterinary Mental Health, Support, and Resiliency Group - Shanti for veterinarians

Veterinarians suffer from high rates of burnout, compassion fatigue, anxiety, and depression due to the frequently stressful and traumatic nature of...

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