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  • Page Stephen, Afghanistan
  • Anonymous (yearly)
  • Anonymous
  • Pashen Robert, Australia
  • Forrest Richard, United Kingdom
  • Heimann Marianne, Belgium (yearly)
  • Anonymous
  • Dee John, Denmark
Central and South America
  • ivor burns
  • Woolsey Herbert Elizabeth, Australia (yearly)
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Central and South America
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We would like to recognize IVIS Members that have donated between Jan 1 2020 and the launch of the new website on May 19 2020:

Major Benefactors

Anonymous, Minnesota, USA

Major Contributors

Jane Mitchell, South Hobart, Australia
Dr. Paul Hanebutt, Dover, DE, USA
Michael Brashier, Mississippi State, MS, USA

Practitioners & Clinicians

Rodolfo Patelli, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Zoran Mahmutovic, New Westminster, BC, Canada
Brian Mossin, Orbaek, Denmark
Lin Dennis, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong
Carlotta Caminiti, Agrate Conturbia, NO, Italy
Equitecnica SAS, Salsomaggiore, Parma, Italy
Marco Grosso, Caselle Torinese, TO, Italy
Mike van Baarle, Zaltbommel, the Netherlands
Marko Tavcar, Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Agneta Tegnér, Klagerup, Sweden
Anne-Charlotte Aimé, Estavayer le Lac, Switzerland
Anonymous Gift, Fayetteville, AR, USA
Matt Durham, Marina, CA, USA
Marilynn Moyle, Sandpoint, ID, USA
Premier Equine Veterinary Service, Lemont, IL, USA
Peter O'Halloran DVM, Dickerson, MD, USA

Academics & Lecturers

Anonymous Gift, Duclos, QC, Canada
Ramakrishna Oruganti, Tirupati India
Norman Williamson, Palmerston North, New Zealand
Elena Nikitkina, St. Petersburg, Russia
Diana Hassel, Fort Collins, CO, USA
Janice Grebe, Roeland Park, KS, USA


Soledad Gomez, Santiago, Chile
Maria Catalina Ocampo Acosta, Querétaro, Mexico
Marlena Kowalczuk- Jaszczur, Bialystok, Poland
Anonymous Gift, Seattle, WA, USA