Who we are

The idea of IVIS was born twenty-some years ago, in 1998, on a cold winter Ithaca night, when two good friends got together to drink a beer or two. The vision of IVIS was to provide veterinary information to all members of the animal health team.  It was going to be available for free to make sure everybody had access to the information published on IVIS.  The idea of reaching thousands of people in all four corners of the world was the building stone for this project.

Soon after this cold winter night, we approached faculty members everywhere inviting them to write a chapter, a book, a review, anything really, for IVIS.  A lot of people understood the concept very quickly and joined the effort.  Others called us crazy.  We lost track of how many times people told us “that’s impossible, it will never work.  There is no way you can maintain a website for free and open to all.”  And yet, twenty years later, here we are, proudly bringing you the fourth edition of the IVIS Website.

We are still aiming at making sure everybody has access to information and reaching people in all four corners of the world and thanks to the progress of the Internet, we are now able to do so in many ways, both on and offline.  

We are veterinarians who love our work and we hope to help you with the work you love.  At IVIS you will find the largest community of animal health care providers worldwide.  We connect through the many publications in our library provided by our colleagues around the world, through the largest centralized Calendar of veterinary events and through the many e-Learning opportunities listed on IVIS.


At IVIS, we are proudly non-profit and welcome all providers of continuing education in the veterinary community.  We depend on the many contributing editors and authors and the learning opportunities provided by our partners to bring you the latest information in veterinary medicine. IVIS is free and accessible to all, and it is maintained thanks to the generous donations from our private and corporate sponsors.

IVIS is a U.S. non-profit 501c(3) organization and donations are tax-deductible for U.S. federal tax purposes.

IVIS.  Leading the way in providing veterinary information.