What we do?

IVIS is the leader in providing veterinary information and learning opportunities worldwide.
Our goal at IVIS is to make up-to-date clinical information available to you at no cost, for every discipline and species, no matter what stage you are at in your career, your means or where you live. We strive for open access to knowledge, free and accessible at all times, everywhere, and for everyone. This is made possible thanks to you, our members, who have always been there to cheer us on and to our sponsors for their continued support.
At IVIS there are two ways for you to find new learning opportunities, in our Calendar & e-Learning section and in our Library.

The IVIS Calendar & e-Learning

The IVIS Calendar is the largest global calendar of veterinary events, on-site and online courses, webinars, videos, and other continuing education opportunities. If you are interested in finding a meeting, courses, or a congress in your area, visit our Calendar.
If you are interested in online continuing education opportunities, visit the e-Learning section to see what e-courses and webinars are available today.

The IVIS Library

The IVIS Library provides free access to original, up-to-date publications organized in e-books, proceedings of veterinary meetings, and veterinary journals.
If you are a provider of books, proceedings, meetings, congresses, or other forms of continuing education and would like to contribute to our platform, please visit our Media kit and contact us. We are always looking forward to welcoming new contributors.