IVIS Donation Campaign 2021

IVIS Donation Campaign 2021

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SEP 01, 2021

Probiotic use in companion animals: No or go?

The effectiveness of probiotics in canine and feline gastroenterology, plus further research needed on the topic. 


AUG 27, 2021

Ending the cage age for laying hens: new project to support a sustainable transition

What are best practices regarding husbandry of pullets and adult laying hens in cage-free systems (in barn, free range and organic)? And how can the...

AUG 26, 2021

The 2021 Therio Annual Conference

Make plans to join us in Omaha, Nebraska, an urban oasis on the plains. Omaha exceeds expectations as a hub for technology, sporting events, culture...

AUG 25, 2021

Dassiet and OrthoPets collaborate to provide safer and easier orthopedic care for pets

The material innovation company Dassiet, and the leading, US based pet orthosis manufacturer OrthoPets have started collaboration to create...

AUG 24, 2021

Pandemic reveals need for equine obesity and laminitis guidance

Study discovers “lockdown-associated factors had the potential to compromise the welfare of horses and ponies at risk of obesity and laminitis”.

AUG 24, 2021

Supplemental Oxygen Delivery and Minimally Invasive Surgery in Small Animal Surgery 5th Edition by Bojrab, Waldron and Toombs

Two new chapters in the book Current Techniques in Small Animal Surgery, 5th Edition have been added on the IVIS website.  Current Techniques in Small...

AUG 23, 2021

Ovum pickup and ICSI in the horse a three-day practical workshop

During this 3-day course, participants will gain knowledge in the field of advanced reproductive techniques. Workshops will include a live OPU session...

AUG 23, 2021

How did sugar-eating birds co-evolve with plants that produce nectar?

Research led by the University of Adelaide has shown, for the first time, that the digestive systems of nectar-eating birds co-evolved with the nectar...

AUG 19, 2021

Varying immune cell levels in canine brain tumors could provide therapeutic targets

A new study reveals that high-grade gliomas, or brain tumors, in dogs contained more immune cells associated with suppressing immune response than low...

AUG 19, 2021

Exceptional Equine Orthopedic Courses by The Arbeitsgruppe Pferd

Participants will learn from experts in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic diseases working up horses with locomotion asymmetries, ataxia and...

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