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Veterinary Focus

The worlwide journal for the companion animal veterinarian

Veterinary Focus. Vol. 24 (2014)

Veterinary Focus. Vol. 23 (2013)

Veterinary Focus. Vol. 22 (2012)

Veterinary Focus. Vol. 21 (2011)

Veterinary Focus. Vol. 20 (2010)

Veterinary Focus. Vol. 19 (2009)

Veterinary Focus. Vol. 18 (2008)

Veterinary Focus. Vol. 17 (2007)

Waltham Focus. Vol. 16 (2006)

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The licensing arrangements for therapeutic agents intended for use in small animal species vary greatly worldwide. In the absence of a specific licence, consideration should be given to issuing an appropriate cautionary warning prior to administration of any such drug.

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