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Scientific Committee

Tom Stout, Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Emily Haggett, Rossdales Equine Hospital, Newmarket, UK

James Crabtree, Equine Reproductive Services, Yorkshire, UK

Peter Daels
Ghent University, Belgium

Local Organising Committee

Peter Daels
Ghent University, Belgium

Irma Revah
R&D Consulting, Belgium

Isabel Lemahieu
Ghent University, Belgium

The History of ESER

The first European Practitioners Symposium on Equine Reproduction (ESER-2018) was organised on Feb 8-9, 2018 at the Veterinary Faculty at Ghent University, Belgium, and consisted of two days of lectures and panel discussions. Thirteen top-experts in different areas of equine reproduction shared their knowledge and experience with the 220 participating veterinarians representing all European countries, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Kuwait, Mexico, Tunisia and the USA. Speakers included Patrick McCue, James Crabtree, Marco Alvarenga, Jesper M°ller Nielsen, Dominik Burger, Harald Sieme, Anthony Claes, Tom Stout, Jean-Franšois Bruyas, Carolina Herrera, Marco Livini, Richard Newton and Marc Meyer, who all generously donated their time and effort to make this first European ISER fundraiser a tremendous success. Based on the very positive response of the participants and the enthusiasm of the speakers and local organising team, we are happy to announce that the ESER-2020 will take place on Feb 6-7, 2020 at the Veterinary Campus of Ghent University.

The ESER-2020 will have a similar format to the ESER-2018 and will take place in the same venue. The second edition of the ESER will focus on parturition and dystocia, postpartum care of the mare and neonate as well as neonatal diseases and current problems in the foal up to weaning age. We have gathered an excellent panel of speakers in various disciplines (see the full list of speakers). Lectures will be alternated with panel discussions to give participants ample opportunity to ask questions and interact with the speakers. Lunches will be served on campus and commercial exhibitors will be accessible during coffee and lunch breaks as well as during the evening walking dinner on Thursday night.

Participation will again be limited to 220 veterinarians. Pre-registration is open. Veterinarians on the pre-registration list will receive updates and have early access to final congress registration. Pre-registration can be done via the ESER Registration page or online. Sign up now and get access to early registration.

As previously, the ESER is a fundraising event in support of the ISER symposia. The proceeds will be donated to the ISER trust and will provide travel support to young researchers (PhD students and post-docs) to attend the ISER symposium. A small part of the proceeds will be donated to the Veterinaire Studiegroup Gent Paard (VSGp). The VSGp is the student organization that organizes extra-curricular lectures, wet-labs and visits to equine hospitals and other related industries at the Veterinary Faculty of Ghent University. The VSGp members will provide logistic support during the ESER-2020 meeting.

For more information, contact Peter Daels. To pre-register, use the ESER 2020 pre-registration form.

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