A letter to IVIS

Dear IVIS,

My most heartfelt congratulations on your 20th birthday. We have been through so much together.

We have come a long way since you were first offered online as a demo website 20 years ago. The internet was in its infancy and we were still using a phone connection to the Internet. Our first newsletter was sent in black and white with text only and no images. Then technology evolved, giving us the possibility to add colored text and images, a major innovation!

When something went wrong, like the time you caught a virus and we were offline for a week, I would stay up all night with you trying to figure out what to do, the same way I would stay up all night when one of my kids was not well. We started with just a few members and now we are a very big family! I remember feeling so proud when we were 8,000. And now the IVIS family counts over 190,000 veterinarians and students from all over the world!

Irma Revah with Santibil - 2000

For your twentieth birthday, we gave you a major makeover and I have to say that you are looking better than ever! You look fresh and young again, ready for new technologies and new content. We now have a more responsive platform with new functions, making navigating the content easier and more fun. Just like 20 years ago when you were born, I am so proud of you!

I see a wonderful future for you with lots of new experiences, new members, and a tight-knit community of enthusiastic, passionate veterinary students and practitioners. You are the perfect partner to improve the way we practice veterinary medicine and do what we love to do, worldwide, free of borders of any kind.

Twenty years serving the veterinary community. Twenty years reaching out to all members of the animal health care team all over the world. Twenty years being present and available, for free, to all. It has been a wonderful journey. It has been a privilege serving our members worldwide through you. I am forever grateful for the amazing adventures we have lived together.

Happy birthday dear IVIS, and may the next twenty years be as wonderful as the first twenty!

Irma Revah, Editor-in-Chief

Irma Revah with Paco - 2020