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The IVIS Quick-Links provide access to abstracts organized in pre-defined lists of abstracts of recent articles in selected veterinary journals within the PubMed database using the Entrez Search and Retrieval System at the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM).

The table of links is provided as a service to IVIS subscribers. For each journal, you can select abstracts of all recent articles or limit your selection to a species. Using these links, one can quickly locate abstracts of the most recent publications for a particular type of animal, in one or more journals. Results are listed in reverse chronological order and are limited to publications for which an abstract is available on-line in the PubMed database. Abstracts can be viewed by clicking on the author(s) name. To return to the IVIS Quick Links close the PubMed window in your browser.

PubMed is the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) database of biomedical publications.

Use the following IVIS quick-links to view abstracts of recent veterinary journal articles in PubMed, the National Library of Medicine (NLM) database of biomedical publications. For the full names of listed journals, click here

General Veterinary Journals
Acta Vet ScandAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Acta Vet Scand SupplAllSmall Anim RuminantsPorcine
Am J Vet ResAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Anim BehavAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Domest Anim EndocrinolAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
J Am Vet Med AssocAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
J ParasitolAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
J Vet DentAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
J Vet Intern MedAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
J Vet Med SciAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
J Vet Pharmacol TherAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
J Vet SciAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Reprod Domest AnimAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
TheriogenologyAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Tierarztl PraxAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Vet DermatolAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Vet JAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Vet OphthalmolAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Vet QAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Vet Radiol UltrasoundAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Vet RecAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Vet ResAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Vet SurgAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Small Animal Journals
Clin Tech Small Anim PractAllSmall Anim    
J Feline Med SurgAllSmall Anim    
J Small Anim PractAllSmall Anim    
J Am Anim Hosp AssocAllSmall Anim    
Vet Clin North Am Small Anim PractAllSmall Anim    
Equine Journals
Equine Vet JAll Equine   
Equine Vet J SupplAll Equine   
Vet Clin North Am Equine PractAll Equine   
Farm Animal Journals
J Anim SciAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
J Dairy SciAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Vet Clin North Am Food Anim PractAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Avian, Tropical, Laboratory and Exotic Species Journals
Avian DisAllSmall Anim    
Avian PatholAllSmall AnimEquine Porcine
Comp MedAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Contemp Top Lab Anim SciAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
J Wildl DisAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
J Zoo Wildl MedAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Lab Anim SciAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Trop Anim Health ProdAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
Veterinary Clin North Am Exot Anim PractAllSmall Anim    
Additional Regional Veterinary Journals
Aust Vet JAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine
J S Afr Vet AssocAllSmall AnimEquineRuminantsPorcine

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