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The IVIS Initiative

IVIS is a New York not-for-profit organization, founded in 1998 by veterinary academic faculty from veterinary colleges and veterinary research institutes in North America, Mexico and Europe. The IVIS organization includes a Board of Directors, an Editorial Board, an editorial office and software office. The role of the Editorial Board is to provide guidance in recruiting qualified editors and monitor the overall quality of the IVIS publications.


IVIS Sponsorships are available to private, public and commercial organizations as well as philanthropic foundations and individuals. All sponsors will be listed on the website, with a display of their corporate logo if desired. Major sponsors will be further recognized by a display of their corporate logo in the banner at the top of the IVIS webpages, with the display time being proportional to the level of sponsorship. Links to sponsors web pages are also provided as a courtesy (click here for more information about corporate sponsorship).
Proposals or inquiries for sponsoring the IVIS website can be submitted by e-mail or in writing (contact information). Sponsorships honoring a specific individual with an associated dedicated IVIS webpage are also available. All such proposals are maintained in strict confidence and anonymous donations are also accepted. To view the list of IVIS Sponsors, click here. For U.S. tax purposes, IVIS is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(C)(3) charitable organization, and contributions are tax deductible.


Advertising sponsorship is also available to companies that wish to have their company logo or product highlighted on IVIS web pages as an advertisement, rather than as a recognition of corporate sponsorship of the IVIS project. Advertisement is subject to the restrictions that the Board of Directors has placed on the nature, extent and appearance of such advertisements on IVIS web pages. Such sponsorships can also provide links to company web sites. However, IVIS is mandated to provided as much information as possible to its users and cannot accept any sponsorships or advertisement that restricts the ability of IVIS to provide product information news, or web site links for any product information, service, or company, regardless of any financial support from that or other companies. Since IVIS routinely attempts to provide information about and/or links to all relevant services, products, manufacturers, and suppliers - advertisements typically take the form of payment for the appropriate placement of a company logo or graphic, that will facilitate a user's locating or linking to a particular product, service or company.

News Items

Sponsors and non-sponsors alike are invited to submit press releases about any new products or service. Appropriate items will be highlighted on the IVIS news page and added to the IVIS products and service databases. News items and press releases cannot be submitted as paid advertisements - these are published free of charge, if and when they are deemed to be of interest to the veterinary community at large.

Advertisement of New Products

Paid advertisement is accepted under IVIS guidelines, subjected to the approval of the Board of Directors, and is placed in a database of new products. Items will be circulated onto IVIS main pages at defined places and frequencies. This can be provided as general advertisement, or as advertisement targeted to users of particular IVIS web site pages.


All sponsorship, sponsorship recognition, and advertisement is limited to that which is in agreement with the policy established by the Board of Directors, that which is considered relevant and useful to the veterinary community, and that which is compatible with the not-for-profit status of IVIS, Inc. IVIS reserves the right to refuse or discontinue any sponsorship, logo presentation, or advertisement without notice.

For information about IVIS sponsorship contact IVIS or write to the IVIS office:

International Veterinary Information Service
P.O. Box 4371
Ithaca NY 14852 - USA

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