Our Organization

International Veterinary Information Service (IVIS) was established in 1998 as a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization in Ithaca NY, USA.

Our Goals

International Veterinary Information Service (IVIS) is a not-for-profit organization established to provide information to veterinarians, veterinary students, technicians and animal health professionals worldwide using Internet technology. The IVIS website provides free access to original, up-to-date publications organized in electronic books each edited by highly qualified editors, proceedings of veterinary meetings, journals, short courses, an international calendar of veterinary events and much more, with the help of private and Corporate Sponsors.
The IVIS website is intended for:

The available technology results in a much faster publication process and allows for frequent updates, resulting in more complete and up-to-date information. Internet-based publication also extends the flow of information to sections of the veterinary community that previously had limited access to traditional resources.

The IVIS goals include developing original veterinary publications in textbook format, satisfying the same high quality criteria as those adhered to by traditional veterinary book publishers. IVIS has adopted an organizational structure that includes (1) an Editorial Board consisting of leaders in the veterinary profession who advise on the choice of Editors for IVIS electronic-books; (2) Editors who develop original books (monographs or multi-author, multi-chapter textbooks) for which they have full discretion in the choice of content and authors, assume responsibility for quality, and take credit for their creative effort; and, (3) Contributing Authors who are selected by the Book Editors and recruited to provide original, authoritative contributions to their e-book.

At IVIS, we believe that it is paramount that information provided in the IVIS website is of the highest quality, up-to-date, accurate and well presented. The rigorous implementation of a system based on Editorial Board, Editors and Contributing Authors insures that all publications adhere to the same high quality standards. Maintaining the confidence and respect of the professional and academic community remains our highest priority. In all its endeavors, IVIS remains very sensitive to the important role that Editors and Authors have in the success of this project.

The widespread acceptance of this new medium for providing veterinary information and educational materials represents a heretofore unparalleled level of access and use of such resources, as well as a recognition and appreciation of the contributions made by our editors and authors. We continue to seek ways to increase our readership whereby we will also increase recognition of the efforts of our contributors and sponsors.

The History of IVIS

IVIS was established in 1998 in Ithaca NY by academic faculty from veterinary colleges and veterinary research institutes in North America and Europe. In January 1999, IVIS contracted Theadvantedge a programming and server provider based near Ithaca NY to develop software for the IVIS website.

On May 8 1999, IVIS was incorporated as a New York not-for-profit organization with an educational charter reviewed and consented to by the State of New York Education Department.

On July 2000, the IVIS website became available on-line. Access is free, however, it is limited to the entire veterinary healthcare team by on-line registration. The IVIS website provides access to veterinary textbooks, proceedings, journals, a calendar and comprehensive lists of veterinary related websites in the world. On December 31, IVIS counts 3,160 subscribers.

Since IVIS has continued to grow and offers a number of resources and services including:



Over the past 15 years, IVIS has grown constantly, from 12,120 members in 2001 to 200,248 members in 2015. Members can be divided into the following groups

Visitors Activity

In 2015, visitor activity averaged 117 845 visitors per month, 3 183 170 hits per month, and 929 109 page views per month.



In 2000, with the help of countless volunteers and financial support from a small group of private and Corporate Sponsors, IVIS has initiated the development of the on-line IVIS Library. Today the IVIS website includes textbooks, proceedings and reviews on a variety of topics and enjoys a reputation of excellence and quality. Membership is now over 178,635 registered members, thereby making IVIS the largest veterinary community worldwide.

To attract Corporate Sponsors, IVIS has developed a set of goals to better define its planned growth and future direction, to indicate the activities and educational services that will be supported by corporate donations, and to delineate the special features that are being developed to enhance recognition of Corporate Sponsors and to utilize sponsors as information resources for the veterinary community.

The overall goal of IVIS is to become the largest, most reliable, most respected, and most active veterinary community worldwide. Its mission is to provide the different target groups (practitioners, students, industry and academia) with up-to-date and relevant information and to improve the information flow to and among these groups. IVIS is structured to provide a common ground for practitioners and veterinary industry and intends to promote further development of this synergism in the future.

Sponsorship of the IVIS project and website represent an opportunity for the pharmaceutical and other veterinary-related industries to form a long-term relationship with the veterinary community. IVIS wants to make it possible for the industry to communicate with this community. Thanks to highly advanced programming it is possible to communicate at a national, multi-country or global level with IVIS subscribers. No matter if your company is operating in one or several countries or active on a global basis, IVIS can customize page display and communications to specific sections of its community (limit to specific country of residence and/or species interest).

IVIS Website Development and Expansion of Content

Sponsorship funds will provide the resources to achieve the following specific goals:

Promotion of the IVIS Website

Sponsorship funds will aid in the conduct of an integrated communication campaign to promote the IVIS website and increase membership and participation in each of the main target groups - veterinarians, students, industry and academia.


Acknowledgement of Sponsorship

IVIS has built several features into the IVIS system that allow effective acknowledgement of Corporate Sponsors. All features are designed so that they function independently per country and can be customized according to the species interest of the visitor. Thus, it is possible to communicate on sponsorship in a specific manner for each country and for each target group. Sponsorship acknowledgments involve displays of logo and name at strategic places within the website, logo and slogan display in top banners, logo display in the calendar of event pages. Additional features include sponsor communications, news items, and logos in IVIS e-mails, newsletters, social networks and other announcements, as well as IVIS generated e-mailings promoting the support of sponsors by IVIS subscribers.

Veterinary Events Calendar

E-marketing Campaign in Collaboration with IVIS

  • Visibility on all communications
  • Associative marketing using the IVIS name and logo

Community Bonding

IVIS wishes to promote its activities as a veterinary community project, to stimulate a sense of belonging to the IVIS Community, and to strengthen loyalty to the community. We endeavor to keep members up-to-date on new developments, to have sponsors participate in providing information relevant to the IVIS community and to animal health care in general, and to provide the sponsors of IVIS with a maximum return. To achieve these goals, IVIS has planned a variety of contact opportunities scheduled throughout the year: Newsletters, special announcements, specific actions (example: "Tell-your-colleagues" campaign). Today, IVIS already enjoys a sense of virtual community and receives many e-mail messages each day from its members, expressing their gratitude, offering advice and encouragement (View our Acknowledgements page).

  • Associative marketing opportunity

IVIS E-Newsletters

Newsletters are sent to all registered members of the IVIS community. The monthly Newsletter includes announcements of new IVIS Publications, communications from our Sponsors (reserved to IVIS Corporate Sponsors), future meetings, new Proceedings in IVIS, new translations of IVIS publications and much more. In addition, about 15 Newsletters are sent throughout the year. Sponsors are acknowledged in all IVIS Newsletters

  • Visibility on all communications
  • Possibility to add relevant content to the newsletter

On-line Polls and Market Studies

IVIS offers the possibility to organize specific polls and market studies at the suggestion of its sponsors. IVIS will communicate the results of the surveys to its sponsors.

Market Study Results
  • Opportunities for interactive communication with potential clients

Special Opportunities and Extra Return for Sponsors

  • Logo on website content pages
  • Logo on the sponsors' page
  • Banner display
  • Hyperlinks to sponsor's web pages
  • Company supported events highlighted with logo in the IVIS Calendar
  • Informational messages distribution to IVIS community in various formats
  • Multiple special opportunities for inclusion in printed documents and promotional use of IVIS materials

4. The IVIS Website: A Quick Tour

The IVIS website offers a convenient way to access information on Veterinary Medicine and is provided as a free service to practicing veterinarians, veterinary students and professionals working in animal health and research.

Editors of IVIS e-books are recruited based on suggestions from the IVIS Editorial Board, nominations by colleagues and self-nominations. Editors are selected based on their standing within the veterinary community and their reputation for clinical service or research in their area of expertise. IVIS Contributing Authors are selected by the IVIS Editors based on their ability to contribute up-to-date information relevant to the editor's book. All contributions are carefully reviewed by the Editor(s) and one or more members of the IVIS Editorial Board.

NOTE: Examples of the appearance, content and functionality of the IVIS website are provided in the following pages. This document represents a solicitation of sponsorship support. The International Veterinary Information Service (IVIS) is a New York Nonprofit Corporation and a registered New York charitable organization. A copy of the last annual report filed by IVIS with the New York Attorney General can be obtained from IVIS, P.O. Box 4371, Ithaca, NY 14852 or from the Office of the Attorney General, The Capitol, Albany, NY 12224-0341 (Phone 518-474-7330). IVIS has been designated as a 501c(3) corporation and tax exempt charity by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, and all donations are tax deductible.

The Home Page

After logging in, visitors are taken to the Home page where they can select which section of the website they wish to visit (Library, Search, Calendar, etc.).

The IVIS Home Page

The Library

The IVIS Library includes the IVIS Books section, Proceedings, Journals in Veterinary Medicine, IVIS Reviews in Veterinary Medicine, Online Courses, Calendar of Events, and more

IVIS Books

On this page, all IVIS Books are listed and organized by species, allowing visitors to browse all the titles and to access the Table of Contents of any particular book of interest. Book titles are also accessed by links provided by other databases. Many veterinary college library websites provide veterinarians and students with direct links to IVIS book and book chapters.

The IVIS Books Section

IVIS e-Book Tables of Contents

Each book has a table of contents that the visitor can browse and access a book chapter of interest. Book chapters are also accessed by links provided by other websites, by inks provided in course web pages at veterinary colleges, and by direct links that students and practitioners share with colleagues by e-mail.

An e-book table of contents

IVIS Book Chapters

Each book is composed of chapters that provide an authoritative review of a a specific topic. Book chapters are written by Contributing Authors selected by the book editor. Each contribution is carefully reviewed and edited by the book editor before it is published in the IVIS website. From each book chapter readers can directly access the IVIS search engine or the main Library page, link to the Spanish language version if one is available, e-mail the web page address of the chapter to a colleague, view the appropriate literature citation for the chapter, or download a printer-friendly version for making a print copy of the chapter on the reader's own printer.

A banner displayed in an IVIS chapter.

Sponsors Section

The company's logo is permanently displayed and each logo is linked to its website. This page is available to all members, regardless of country of residency.

This section includes web pages where the sponsors' logos are all displayed.

The IVIS Calendar of Events

The IVIS Calendar lists about 1000 events worldwide (meetings, short courses, E-courses and webinars), organized by location and species. Events are displayed by month and year. According to the member's selection, the complete list of events can be displayed or only those events pertinent to the region or animal species selected. The logo of IVIS Sponsors who also sponsor an event is displayed in the relevant calendar entries.

IVIS sponsors that are also sponsoring veterinary meetings are recognized by placing their logo in the announcement of these specific events in the IVIS calendar.


This section includes news items about the IVIS website and news related to sponsors, press and veterinary product announcements of sponsoring companies.

News items from IVIS sponsors will be included in the IVIS News section.

IVIS Newsletter

The IVIS Newsletter is e-mailed to subscribers about 15 times per year. Special messages are also mailed about 12 times per year. In the section "Our Sponsors" sponsors can include a news item relating to their products or company, with a link to relevant web pages.

The IVIS newsletter

Sponsorship Rates

Please contact us to enquire about sponsorship rates.