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Pain Control in Food Animals by L. George. In Recent Advances in Anesthetic Management of Large Domestic Animals edited by E. Steffey.
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Biology and Medicine of Swine by M. Swindle, A. Smith, K. Laber, J. Goodrich and S. Bingel. In Laboratory Animal Medicine and Management edited by J. Reuter and M. Suckow.
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Quality Assurance / Surveillance Monitoring Programs for Rodent Colonies by J. Reuter and R. Dysko. In Laboratory Animal Medicine and Management edited by J. Reuter and M. Suckow.
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Plants Affecting the Nervous System (Part III) by A. Knight and R. Walter. In A Guide to Plant Poisoning of Animals in North America edited by A. Knight and R. Walter.
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Veterinary Care of Donkeys edited by N. Matthews and T. Taylor.
This text will bring together the current knowledge on veterinary medicine specific to donkeys. At the same time, this text aims at revealing the areas in which species-specific information is missing. Much is know about horses but less is known about donkeys and too often information is simply extrapolated to the donkey. Through the use of the electronic book format, the editors plan to add species-specific information as it becomes available, making this the most current and complete reference on donkey medicine.
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Anestesia inyectable en perros - Parte I: Soluciones, dosis y administración por J. Ilkiw (Traducido por: P. Monsalves Cuartas). En Recent Advances in Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia: Companion Animals editado por R. Gleed y J. Ludders.
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La relevancia del proyecto genoma canino para la práctica veterinaria por V. Meyers-Wallen (Traducido por: V. It, J.C. De Luca, P. Peral García y G. Giovambattista). En Recent Advances in Small Animal Reproduction editado por P. Concannon, G. England, J. Verstegen y C. Linde-Forsberg.
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