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June 21, 2016

IVIS Announces:

University of Edinburgh
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
Postgraduate Programmes

Dear IVIS Member,

The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies offers a variety of postgraduate programmes taught on campus or offered by online distance learning. Our online programmes are taught part-time, and many offer short course options, making them ideal for busy working professionals.

We are welcoming applications now for the following programmes for September 2016 start:

Online Distance Learning Programmes

  • Advanced Clinical Practice (Cert/Dip/MVetSci)
  • Clinical Animal Behaviour (Cert/Dip/MSc) - Deadline 30th June - Apply now!
  • Conservation Medicine (Cert/Dip/MVetSci)
  • Disease in Livestock Ecosystems (Cert/Dip/MSc)
  • Equine Science (Cert/Dip/MSc)
  • International Animal Welfare, Ethics & Law (Cert/Dip/MSc)
  • One Health (Cert/Dip/MSc)
  • Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia (Cert/Dip/MSc)

Residential Programmes (on campus)

  • Animal Biosciences (MSc)
  • Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare (MSc) – recruiting now for 2017 entry

Animal Bioscience
Animal Biosciences provides students with the scientific knowledge and practical skills necessary for employment in the emerging area of animal science and ‘One Health’. Visit Animal Biosciences website.

Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare
This MSc aims to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of the scientific study of animal behaviour and animal welfare that can then be applied effectively in science and practice. Read more on the Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare website.

Advanced Clinical Practice
This new online Masters in Advanced Clinical Practice will provide veterinary practitioners with an opportunity to enhance their clinical skills. Courses are led by specialists in each area; students select electives to meet their professional needs. These courses will also be offered individually as continuing professional development. Read more about Advanced Clinical Practice.

Clinical Animal Behaviour
The new flexible Clinical Animal Behaviour MSc programme will utilise a multidisciplinary, evidence based approach to build the academic foundation necessary for a professional career working with companion animals in a variety of settings, including clinical animal behaviour counselling. Find out more about Clinical Animal Behaviour.

Conservation Medicine
The MVetSci in Conservation Medicine is an innovative online programme for veterinarians which aims to provide the skills and knowledge required to be effective practitioners of conservation medicine, and to address the dramatic decline in biodiversity and the risk of species extinctions. Read more about Conservation Medicine.

Disease in Livestock Ecosystems: Dynamics and Control
This MSc covers the fundamental biological processes and management practices driving disease transmission, persistence and prevalence in livestock production environments. Courses are led by internationally-acclaimed research scientists and are available individually as continuing professional development. Find out more about Disease in Livestock Ecosystems.

Equine Science
The MSc/Dip/Cert and PPD online Equine Science programme delivers world-class education on a global scale by providing a stimulating teaching and learning experience for students seeking a flexible, career-enhancing education in a wide range of equine science subject areas. Read more about Equine Science.

International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law
The online Masters in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law provides students with the tools and knowledge to discuss and research evidence, policy, legislation and ethics at the highest level across all areas of animal welfare. Find out more about International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law.

One Health
There is an increasing recognition that the complex human and animal health challenges of the 21st century require new interdisciplinary approaches. This online MSc aims to provide veterinary and medical professionals, and graduates in other related disciplines such as life sciences, with the knowledge and skills to work within a One Health framework recognising the interrelatedness of human, animal and environmental health. Read more about One Health.

Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia
Anaesthesia has always carried risks, but with modern advances the risks of morbidity and mortality are being reduced. This online programme examines past and present knowledge and ideas within anaesthesia, to stimulate curiosity and a willingness to examine accepted wisdom in the field of anaesthesia. Read more about Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia.

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