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When browsing the IVIS website, you can use the navigation bar on the left (HOME, SEARCH, LIBRARY, IVIS NEWS, SPONSORS, AUTHORS, CONTACT, PRIVACY, TOP).

Navigation arrows are standardized throughout the website.

 The UP ARROW will take you to the top of the document or to the previous page.

Highlighted, underlined text provides hyperlinks to related information.

To view the author's personal information, click on the author's name.
To view the reference list of a particular chapter, click on the number between brackets [11] in the text.
To view the list of available products (antibiotics, drugs, vaccines, etc..) click on the product name: penicillin.
To view the magnification of a figure, click on the thumbnail. You can also view a magnification by clicking on the mention in the text, i.e., (Fig.1).
IVIS articles can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format (.PDF). This will enable you to view, print and save the manuscript. In order to read and print these files, you must have an Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Reader software can be downloaded for free from Adobe (click here). To download the .PDF version, click on Print on the top of your window, or click on the text "Download PDF version of this document for printing" at the bottom of some manuscripts.

Having trouble printing a .PDF?
Try printing one page at a time.
Try printing to a newer printer.
Make sure you are using the latest version of Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

Browser slows down?
Clear you Cache at least once a week. To clear your cache try the following:
For Internet Explorer go to Tools, click on Internet Options, in the General tab click on Delete files in the Temporary Internet files and on Clear History in the History section.
For Netscape Communicator go to Edit, click on Preferences, click on Advanced, click on Cache and click on Clear Memory cache and on Clear Disk cache.

To bookmark a chapter
Bookmark the desired chapter. Next time you visit IVIS, login and then use the bookmark you created for the chapter.

Why do I need to use a username and password each time I access the site?
Since the community has been developed with a variety of personalized features in mind, some of which are available now, others will be added over time, we need to hold details of your preferences within your account. Access to your personalized account is triggered by your user name and password.

E-mail addresses entered on the registration form need to be in standard Internet e-mail format, i.e., . Because your e-mail address will be used to help find your account in the event of a problem, for receive IVIS communications and for you to use the IVIS website, it is important that you put in your e-mail address correctly. If you change of e-mail, please update your information throught the following form E-mail Adress Management

Some people are concerned about privacy and security issues related to automated sign-in on websites. The automated signing tells us only what you have entered in your registration form and which IVIS resources you make use of. View the IVIS Privacy policy.

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