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The scientific sessions and social events will take place at the St Augustijnenklooster, Academiestraat 1, Gent. For more information and photos of this beautiful site, visit Note that this is still an inhabited, active abbey and all activities in the conference spaces must end by midnight.

Hotel Information

Hotels should be booked by the delegates by contacting the hotel directly or using a booking agency of your choice. A limited number of rooms have been reserved as indicated below. These rooms are available at a discount rate and must be booked directly with the hotel (no booking agency!) Prices and distances are indicative and not binding.

Tourism Information

Gent is one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium (view photos, view a short video). It has many beautiful buildings and museums to visit, plenty of good restaurants and lots of well provided bars where you can taste over 200 different kinds of regional beers. The conference site is literally at 5-min walking from the famous "Graslei" which is considered the heart of Gent and counts Gent's most ancient and beautiful houses. For more information, take a look at these images.

Travel Information

Travelling from the ICAR conference in Tours, France: If there is a significant number of interested delegates, a bus may be organized that will bring you directly from the ICAR conference center to the center of Ghent (5-6hrs driving, minimum of 30 passengers needed). Alternatively, every day there are several TGV trains from Tours to Brussels. The TGV trains depart from the central train station in Tours (across the street from the ICAR congress center). Be advised that there are direct trains to Brussels. Trains with a change in Paris require you to change rail stations in Paris and take about 45min by metro (Gare Montparnasse to Gare du Nord). In Brussel one needs to take a direct train to "Gent St Pieters Station" in the center of Gent.

Traveling by car: Gent has several large underground parkings where you can leave your car for several days. These parkings are at close proximity to the conference venue and the nearby hotels. Check with your hotel, but hotels with customer parking are rare in Gent.

Traveling by plane: Brussels International (Zaventem) is the main airport. There are trains leaving from the train station situated in the lower level of the airport to Brussels (you will need to then change trains to Gent St Pieters) or take a direct train to Gent St Pieter Station. Either way travelling from the airport to Gent takes between 30-45 min. Some of the low cost airlines also land in Brussels International (Zaventem). The alternate airport is Brussels Charleroi. This is the low cost carrier airport. There are special shuttle bus lines (private carriers) directly from Charleroi airport to Gent St Pieter Station. The journey will take about 2hrs. For more information see the Useful Links section below.

You are attending the ICAR and ISEET! How to book my flights?: There are several options to consider: Flying in and out of Brussels International (Zaventem): The rail station is inside the airport and is really convenient. From there you can take a short shuttle ride and get on a direct TGV high-speed train to Tours. You can then take the special bus from the ICAR to the ISEET on Thursday. After the ISEET it is an easy one hour train ride or airport car shuttle from Gent to the airport in Brussels.
You would like to visit Brussels and/or Paris? Then fly into Brussels and take the high speed TGV train directly from the center of Brussels to the center of Paris (Gare du Nord). Very convenient if you want to spend some days in Paris before going to the ICAR conference in Tours.
Flying in and out of Paris: Personally I would not choose this option. Charles de Gaulle airport is a very large airport and you need to figure 1-2hours to get into the center of Paris. However, you can take a direct TGV high-speed train from the airport in Paris directly to the front door of the ICAR conference center. To return to Paris after the ISEET conference you will need to take the train to Brussels and then get on the direct TGV high-speed train from Brussels Midi Station to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. This will take about 3-4 total travel time. Airport shuttle car directly from Gent to the airport in Paris is also possible and will take 2.5 hours driving (all freeway).

Weather information

Warm but changing with chances for long sunny periods but also rain is possible. Temperatures at midday around 20-25°C (68-75°F). More information

Contact Information

Questions regarding abstract submission, deadlines and all other related to the scientific or social program should be directed to Prof. Peter Daels:
Ph: +32 471 51 00 40 (also WhatsApp).

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