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Animal Embryo Centre
Contact(s): Ton and Fieke Vullers
Phone: +31 (0)475 30 22 02
Mobile: +31 (0)6 5465 4208
Address: Boekhorstweg 2, 6105AD Maria-Hoop, The Netherlands                         

Contact(s): James West
Phone: 001 (615) 414-4286
Address: 111 10th Ave. S., Suite 110, Nashville TN 37203, USA                         
AgGenetics uses cutting edge biotechnology developed for human medicine to improve livestock health and performance. We focus on both discovery of important performance and disease genes, with commercialization through gene editing and test development. Our initial products are heat tolerant Angus and simple and specific tests for copper deficiency and toxicity and brisket disease. At AgGenetics, we believe that improving animal welfare can also improve producer's profitability.

Contact(s): Marco Antonio Alvarenga
Phone: +55 (14)3112-9900
Address: Rua Coronel Fonseca 2.111 Jardim Bom Pastor Botucatu/SP – CEP: 18.603-495 Brasil                         

Crestview Genetics
Contact(s): Adrián A. Mutto
Phone: +54 11 40061500, int 2126
Address: Laboratorio de Biotecnología y Clonación Equina, Ruta 34 Km 0,6, Luján,
Buenos Aires, Argentina                       
Crestview Genetics perpetuates the finest in equine genetics through proven, state-of-the-art biotechnological reproduction processes, breathing new life into the legacy of legendary horses. Featured in the August, 2015 issue of Vanity Fair, Crestview Genetics has made great strides in the reproduction of thoroughbreds. Follow this link to read the complete article entitled "Game of Clones". Learn more at

Contact(s): Rijk-Jan Pleijter
Phone: +31 (0)162-748062
Address: Hoogstraat 98a, 4909 AV Oosteind, The Netherlands              
Dier-N-artsen is een professionele paarden -en landbouwhuisdierenpraktijk die sterke diergezondheidszorg op maat levert voor dier en eigenaar en wil uitgroeien tot een gewaardeerde dierenartsenpraktijk in de regio West- en Midden-Brabant. Wij werken volledig diersoortgericht wat de kwaliteit per diersoort verhoogd.

Dierenartsenpraktijk Doetinchem Zeddam
Contact(s): Mark Meijer
Phone: +31 314 663000
Address: Vinkwijkseweg 36, 7038 EP Zeddam
The Netherlands                         
We aim at providing a good service by advising our clients what the best veterinary course of action will be for their horse. As a team, we aim at being available and accessible to all our clients, be it for routine calls or emergency care. We realize that not everyone can be an expert in everything and will always seek the best advice from colleagues in or outside our hospital. Dierenartsenpraktijk Doetinchem – Zeddam is an enthusiastic group of veterinarians and veterinary nurses that puts team spirit high in their work ethics. A confident and reliable team that aims at providing the best possible care to client and patient.

Doña Pilar
Contact(s): Fernando L. Riera
Phone: +54 (9) 2355 575553
Skype: riera.fernando1
Address: Ruta 188, Km 199, Lincoln, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina                         
Doña Pilar Embryo Transfer Center was founded in 1996 based upon the ideals of growth and development. The pillars of our philosophy are hard work, honesty and excellence together with "cutting edge" techniques. Over the years, Doña Pilar has become a model center for students and counterparts from all over the world, who come to visit us interested in learning our techniques and procedures. Many outstanding professionals were once trained at Doña Pilar. Much of the information produced at Doña Pilar has been published in scientific journals and presented in international seminars, workshops and conferences. Our contribution to the know-how and commercial application of Embryo Transfer has been widely recognized. We feel that we have played an important role in the development and implementation of ET, and we are committed to go on "pushing the limits" of Equine Reproduction, with views to the commercial implementation of the techniques developed in Universities and Research Institutions.

ECM Echo Control Medical
Contact(s): Céline Petit
Phone: + 33 5 45 92 03 57
Address: 126, Bd de la République, F-16000 Angouleme, France                         
ECM Echo Control Medical designs and manufactures portable ultrasound scanners for all Livestock Applications. Ultrasonography is our core business since 1984; we were at that time a pioneer company scanning large animals. Since 2000 portability of our systems is the main focus. Our current range is made of the IMAGO ultra-portable range, the EXAGO portable unit and the last born: EXAPAD a full touchscreen system with high end image quality and specific & totally new features. You will find out also all probes and accessories for ET and OPU technique. In addition to the supplying of portable, reliable high-end systems,we provide also our expertise to our customers together with a fast and efficient after-sales service either directly or through our local distribution network. Come see our systems – we will be pleased to discuss further on about your request.

EGG Tech
Contact(s): Brian Graham
Phone: +44 1722 717478
Address: EGG Tech, The Grange, Manor Farm, Chilmark, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP3 5AF, UK                         
EGG Tech is a specialist company committed to the production and supply of high quality scientific products for cell biology, biotechnology research, animal embryo transfer and artificial insemination. We possess the technical qualifications and a wealth of experience extending over 80 years in the collection of serum and the manufacture of media and reagents for cell culture and diagnostic use.

ERC De Morette
Contact(s): Peter De Blende
Phone: +32 (0)2/453.00.61
Address: Edingsesteenweg 239, B-1730 Asse, Belgium                         

Esaote Benelux
Contact(s): Moniek Dekkers MSc
Phone: +31 (0)43 382 46 50
Address: Esaote Benelux N.V. Diegemstraat 46, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium                     
Esaote is "the" pioneer in ultrasound and MRI in the veterinary field. We have nearly 40 years of experience and market leadership. This makes Esaote the preferred supplier for many veterinary practices, clinics and research centres, as well as for many zoos and wildlife institutions. Offering perfect products in terms of quality, functionality, price, service and education, combined with a deep understanding of the veterinarians’ needs, will guarantee our top position in the veterinary imaging market. For the equine market our veterinary ultrasound scanners combine complete dedication, compactness, robustness and portability in one system and this makes the scanners extremely flexible due to their modular architecture. All our scanners are designed for a multi-application approach and we can offer a wide range of dedicated veterinary special purpose probes. The integrated battery ensures the possibility of performing an ultrasound examination whenever and wherever needed. Esaote will be present at the ISEET conference with its full range instrumentation for classic pregnancy diagnosis all the way up to transvaginal ovum pick up for in vitro embryo production. We hope to see you at the ISEET conference!

Contact(s): Dr Stéphane Cammaert
Phone: +33 (0)3 27 99 29 29 / +33 (0)3 27 99 29 37
Address: 3595, route de Tournai - CS 70023 - 59501 Douai CEDEX, France                 
Specializing in genetics and animal reproduction for 70 years, GENES DIFFUSION controls all the advanced technologies in horse breeding: repro monitoring, ultrasound, insemination, semen freezing, embryo collection, ... Thanks to its stud farms located in the main breeding areas, GENES DIFFUSION provides breeders with a full range of services as well as a large offer in stallion semen.

GENETEC by Ativet
Contact(s): Cristián Sporleder
Phone: (54 11) 15 3 276 8445
Address: Los Cardales, Prov Bs As., Argentina                         
GENETEC by Ativet is a comprehensive center dedicated to the Polo Argentino breed. We are dedicated to doing research closely linked to a commercial level. We provide international consulting. Import/export of frozen semen. We have the best genetic lines in Argentina.
Import/export of vitrified embryos. From and to Europe, North America, Latin America or to transfer on a pre-selected date. Embryo sexing through biopsy (8 days); Crestview Genetics.
We appreciate the invitation and the unconditional support in our field.

Hamilton Biovet
Contact(s): Mrs. Meg Hamilton
Phone: 011-(800) 367-0266 or (978) 356-3014
Address: 23 Hayward Street, #7, Ipswich, MA 01938, USA                         
Hamilton BioVet introduces the first cost effective method for shipping equine oocyctes. The reliability of the EquOcyte coupled with the dependable temperature of 22°C (+/- 1°). Stop by our booth and see the EquOcyte!

Hendriks EQ Repro Consultancy
Contact(s): Karin Hendriks
Phone: +31 (0)6 24721152
Address: Zutphensestraatweg 32, 6955 AH Ellecom,
The Netherlands     
Sinds 2012 zelfstandig als Europees specialist voortplanting bij paarden, in samenwerking met De Graafschap Dierenartsen en Seldsum Equine Fertility. Beschikbaar voor fertiliteitsbegeleiding bij paarden (ook bij ‘probleem’ merries), adoptie van veulens via hormoontherapie, geslachtsbepaling ongeboren vrucht, ET (begeleiding donor en ontvangsters), OPU, consultancy fertiliteitsproblemen merrie en hengst. Door de samenwerking met De Graafschap Dierenartsen de mogelijkheid tot aanvullende diagnostiek als slijmmonster nemen en kweken, uterus biopt nemen, hysteroscopie en bloedonderzoek. Daarnaast is de mogelijkheid om moeilijke verlossingen onder kliniek omstandigheden uit te voeren.

Invitro Clonagem
Contact(s): Marc Maserati
Phone: +55 19 99839 2889
Address: Rodovia SP 340, Campinas - Mogi Mirim, Km 166 - Mogi Mirim - SP - CEP 13800-970 Caixa Postal 238, Brasil                         
Today, Invitro Clonagem has given its support to the ISEET conference. The InVitro Clonagem company is a part of the ABS/ In Vitro Brasil Group which has been operating for over 10 years from 30 labs spread amongst 11 different countries. With over 260,000 embryos produced in 2013, ABS/ IVB Group is the largest global liferstock IVF enterprise. InVitro Clonagem specializes in equine ET, ICSI and cloning in equine and bovine . With over 150 clones produced since its inception in 2005, InVitroBrasil Clonagem Animal S/A produces clones from horses, cattle, sheep and goats. The unique method, developed over 10 years, today results in the healthiest cloned animals in the industry. Although our method of cloning is quite robust, research and development continues in all aspects of animal cloning to continue to develop a better product for our customers. For more information visit
Contact(s): Dr. Hans-Peter Steiner
Mobile: +43 676 9303627
Address: Rechbauerstraße 49, 8010 Graz, Austria                       
IVFETFLEX.COM offers innovative devices for human and veterinary OPU, IVF and ET procedures. The mission of is to improve and optimize these techniques in by introducing innovative modifications. The STEINER-TAN Needle is a hybrid between the classic single- and double-lumen OPU needles and significantly increases oocyte recovery rate. This needle and its needle guide can be adjusted to 150 cm (for example for the Rhinoceros). The Steiner Embryo Transfer Catheter (metallic spiral outer catheter) is also adjustable for different species. For more information search YouTube using the keywords steiner, IVF, embryo transfer. Visit our website.

Jadem Arabians
Contact(s): Christine Jamar
Phone: +32 (0)
Address: Guy & Christine Jamar-Demeersseman, Berkensingel 24, 2490 Balen - Belgium                         
Jadem Arabians, founded 29 years ago by Guy and Christine Jamar, is the largest pure Polish Arabian stud in Belgium. The stud, run by Christine is the home of about 45 horses, with an average of 16 foals born each spring. Jadem Arabians is also home to a world-class AI and breeding centre.

Joris De Brabander - Studfarm de Muze
Contact(s): Joris and Katia De Brabander
Phone: +32 (0) 3 777 78 27
Address: Galgstraat 17, 9100 St-Niklaas, Belgium                         

Contact(s): Hilde Vandaele and Gaby Vandaele
Phone: +32 (0)51 77 88 10
Mobile: +32 (0)476 33 60 28
Address: Westrozebekestraat 23A, B-8980 Passendale, Belgium                         
Horsebreeding centre Keros is a certified reproduction centre in Passendale (West-Flanders Province, Belgium). Through its continuous professionalization, Keros has acquired an excellent expertise and reputation in the field of artificial insemination, embryo transfer, foalings and adoption of orphan foals.

Kheiron S.A.
Contact(s): Ramiro Olivera
Phone: +54 9 11 4198 5672
Address: Parque Austral Ruta 8 N°3025 (1629), Pilar-Buenos Aires, Argentina                         

Contact(s): Didier Blommaert
Phone: +32 83 21 57 95
Address: Rue des Champs Élysées, 18, 5590 Ciney, Belgium                         
Formed in 1987 by the joining of 3 Provincial Belgian Associations of cattle breeders. LINALUX is to be considered as "The Artificial Centre of Reference" for the Belgian Blue Breed. LINALUX is composed of a specialised, competent and dynamic team fully dedicated to breeders and breeding. Selective culling amongst the cream of the herds bas been LINALUX's principal tool in supplying breeders with performance tested and adaptive bulls. LINALUX is located at the heart of the Belgian Bluecountry in an impressive and modern agronomical complex hosting the Belgian Blue Herd Book, theSelection Station and our state of the art Laboratory Facility. In addition to the genetic value of the Sires themselves, semen and embryo handling, collection, storage and distribution are "key components" in achieving perfection. Adaptive genetics, for Today's and Tomorrow's Markets. High Genetical Value of Semen and Embryos. Reliable Origins of Constant Quality.

Tierklinik Luesche GmbH
Contact(s): Ute Pansegrau
Phone: +49 (0) 5438-95850
Address: Essener Str. 39a, 49456 Bakum, Germany                         
The Tierklinik Luesche GmbH founded in 1992 in Luesche/Germany is one of the most modern private equine clinics in Europe. We offer a wide range of services for you and your horse from high standard lameness examination to colic surgery. One of our main field of practice is also our reproduction department. Our services include: artificial insemination with fresh, chilled and frozen semen, mare and stallion infertility examination, embryo transfer, twin reduction management, transabdominal foetal gender determination, foaling service and foal intensive care. In cooperation with Select Breeders Service we also offer the processing, storage and shipment of equine frozen semen.

Mai Animal Health
Contact(s): Laura Smith
Phone: +01 23 456 78
Address:                   4 Merlin Way, Bowerhill Industrial Estate, Melksham, Wilts SN12 6TJ, UK
At MAI Animal Health we manufacture products - ideas become reality. Because of our diverse manufacturing capabilities, we are able to pursue new concepts as well as improve existing products. Our experienced, precision manufacturing expertise allows MAI Animal Health to maintain quality control, consistently delivering superior products and solutions. We take pride in our ability to produce quality products that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Meybod Stud
Phone: 00989133555311
Address: Iran
Meybod Stud, located in the heart of the Persian desserts is one of the most advanced and largest equine stud farms in Iran offering a wide range of modern reproductive techniques. Advanced management of mares for breeding, artificial insemination, ultrasound diagnosis, semen collection, shipped cooled semen and semen evaluation & freezing are some of the activities taking place at Meybod Stud. Since 2015, Meybod Stud has successfully introduced embryo transfer and with over 200 mares it currently holds a wide choice of recipient mares for embryo transfer in Arabian horses. Meybod Stud is formed by a highly skilled team of staff and has throughout the years developed its activities in consultation with veterinarians from different parts of the world.

Minitüb GmbH
Contact(s): Barbara Herda
Phone: : +49 8709 9229 123
Address:                         Hauptstrasse 41, 84184 Tiefenbach, Germany
Minitube International is a biotechnology company specialized in advanced reproduction technologies and molecular biology. With a complete line of assisted reproduction products and services, Minitube proudly serves clients worldwide in agricultural, sport and companion animal breeding as well as veterinary, medical and research communities. As an industry leader, Minitube recognizes the importance of providing products that do not compromise quality or safety. For this reason, all proprietary products are manufactured in own state-of-the-art ISO certified facilities.

Nidacon International AB
Phone: +46 31 703 06 30
Address: Flöjelbergsgatan 16B Mölndal 43 137, Sweden                         
Nidacon, a Swedish company headquartered in Gothenburg, manufactures and markets medical devices, mainly for Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART), with IVF, ICSI, artificial insemination (IUI) and vitrification solutions. NidaCon continually strives to improve the outcome of ART, with more pregnancies, by developing superior media systems for clinics, patients and the animal breeding industry.

NIFA Technologies
Contact(s): Janny Weima and Dick Potsma
Phone: +31 58 212 3279
Address: Ampèrestraat 4, 8912 AD Leeuwarden,
The Netherlands                         
NIFA Technologies is specialist in the field of Artificial Insemination (A.I.) and Embryo Transfer (E.T.). Our devices and products used for several species for both animal and human purpose lead to the highest possible results. Product development and validation takes place in close cooperation with our R&D team of 20 employees at IMV France and in close collaboration with pre-eminent universities. NIFA Technologies is located in the Netherlands and part of IMV Technologies France.

Contact(s): : Marc Van den Bergh
Phone: +41 76 54 000 31
Address: Bernardastrasse 12 B, CH5442 Fislisbach, Switzerland                         
Quartec GmbH is a Switzerland based international consultancy company for A.R.T laboratories established in 2012 by Marc Van den Bergh M.A.S a senior certified clinical embryologist and former president of Alpha Scientists in Reproductive Medicine and FIVNAT-CH board member. The concept of quality is at the core of our philosophy. To achieve the highest level of quality Quartec works according to the 14 principles of Deming. KAIZEN (Japanese): A change for the good characterizes our methodology. Quartec GmbH is a member of the Swiss Excellence Forum and operates according to the models of the European Foundation for Quality Management. Quartec offers: Trouble Shooting - A logical, systematic search for the source of a problem and then solve it, returning pregnancy rates to satisfactory levels. Troubleshooting is an ongoing necessity in developing and maintaining complex systems where the symptoms of a problem can have many possible causes. Total Quality Management or TQM is an integrative philosophy of management for continuously improving the quality of your services. Quartec helps you to implement TQM to your own needs. Laboratory Design - In tough economic times, construction projects often are early victims to budget cuts. Quartec helps you to do more with less and do it smarter. Team Training - We select and train your team on-site.

Seldsum PaardenPraktijk
Contact(s): Drs Esther de Melker
Mobile: +31(0)6-53679973
Phone: +31(0)58-2572200
Address: P.Rindertreedsje 16, 9057 LH Jelsum, The Netherlands                         
The Seldsum Equine Fertility Center offers ET, AI and OPU services. We offer embryo flushing of donor mares, transfer of embryo to recipient mares and we have a group of warmblood recipients available for our clients. In addition, we offer a full range of services including pregnancy management, insemination with fresh and frozen semen, fertility management of the “problem mare”, foaling- and maternity care of mare and foal (24-hours surveillance), storage of frozen semen.
In recent years, we have started to develop Modern Reproductive Technology in cooperation with Karin Hendriks (European Equine Fertility Specialist) and offer gender determination, cryopreservation of embryos, OPU in collaboration with the Department of Equine Fertility at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht.

Select Breeders Services
Phone: +001 (410) 885-3202
Address: 961 Cayots Corner Rd, Chesapeake City, MD 21915, USA                         

Sharjah Equine Hospital
Contact(s): Dr. Mieke De Rijck
Phone: +971 6 531 18 81
Address:Sharjah Equestrian and Racing Club Road, Al Atain Area, Sharjah,
United Arab Emirates      
The Sharjah Equine Hospital is a full service clinical facility with a state-of-the-art surgical suite. The hospital offers elective and emergency services with a full range of surgical and diagnostic capabilities. We are dedicated to the health and well being of all our patients. Next to the hospital, a separate breeding unit was built offering a number of reproduction services. Stallions can be assessed for fertility and are stables within this compound which also is capable of being utilized as a Ministry recognized Quarantine Center. The Breeding Center contains our EU certified semen lab where semen is analyzed and prepared for use as fresh, chilled or frozen specimens by our specialist staff for future use. The frozen semen can be stored in hospital containers or shipped at the owners request to a number of different localities. Stallions are examined for infertility / sub- fertility. Embryo transfer has been part of our services since many years and in the past year we have dedicated ourselves to the development of a full-service laboratory for the production of in vitro embryos.

Contact(s): Daniel Licari
Phone: +
Address: La Chenevatière RD389, 69610 Saint Genis l'Argentière, Rhône-Alpes, France                         
Founded in 1998, located in France Rhone-Alpes Region's, STEM ALPHA performed its researches to obtain Animal and Human Protein-free media. The first application is the Corneal Preservation. Numerous applications, the haematology, the ophthalmology, the dermatology, the hepatology, etc., are concerned by the development of the cell and tissues therapies. Our products enable significant reduction in the levels of apoptosis and necrosis, in comparison to traditional preservation media formulations. A variety of cells, tissues, preserved or frozen with our Animal Component Free Media have demonstrated greatly extended shelf life and improved post-preservation cell yield, viability, and functional return. This improved efficacy is made possible in the future to develop, in fully defined, serum-free and protein-free an Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Product for biotherapy applications.

Dierenartsenpraktijk Sint-Oedenrode
Contact(s): Marleen van Krimpen
Phone: +31 (0)413-472650
Address: Kortestraat 1, 5491 SZ Sint-Oedenrode, The Netherlands                         

Specialistische Voortplantings Praktijk and Paardenpraktijk VLS
Contact(s): Drs. Myrthe T. Wessel and Drs. Maaike Lautenschutz
Websites: and
Email: and
Phone: +31 (0)6 51326048 and +31(0)613822542
Address: Lage Kamp 15, 7396 BZ Terwolde, and Laarstraat 8, 7046 AD Vethuizen, The Netherlands                         
The “Specialistische Voortplantingspraktijk” and “Paardenpraktijk VLS” are two cooperating horse practices in the Netherlands dedicated to equine fertility. We offer our clients comprehensive services around mare management (fresh and frozen semen) and embryo transfer. We emphasise management of donor and recipient mares to fit our clientele´s needs, hereby applying direct transfer or shipping embryos to locations that are chosen by our clients. Furthermore, our daily work consists on the fertility management of problem clients mares or patients referred by other veterinarians. In addition, we train and advise colleagues and organise seminars for equine vets, horse breeders and studfarms.

Veterinair Centrum Someren
Contact(s): Tilly Spierings
Phone: +31 (0)493-441070
Address: Slievenstraat 16, 5711 PK Someren, The Netherlands                         
Veterinair Centrum Someren is een Multidisciplinaire Dierenartsenpraktijk. Om de zorg voor uw (huis)dier te garanderen maken wij onderscheid in verschillende vakgebieden met ieder zijn of haar specialisaties. Een team van dieren specialisten staan graag voor u klaar.

Veterinary Solutions
Contact(s): Lode Leën
Phone: +32 474 773 889
Address: Grote Roost 39, 3500 Sint-Lambrechts-Herk, Hasselt, Belgium                         
Following the hugely successful wireless DR systems for equine veterinary surgeons, Veterinary Solutions now also offers its services to veterinary surgeons focusing on small domestic animals. With a range of customised solutions, of course. Veterinary Solutions is the official distributor in the Benelux of Fujifilm CR and DR X-ray equipment, and market leader for the latter.

Contact(s): Sofie De Keersmaecker
Phone: +32 2/746.80.11
Address: Zoetis Belux, Mercuriusstraat 20, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium                         
Zoetis is een internationaal diergezondheidsbedrijf dat zich erop toelegt om zijn klanten en hun bedrijven op steeds betere manieren te ondersteunen. Voortbouwend op 60 jaar ervaring , leveren wij hoogwaardige geneesmiddelen, vaccins, ondersteuning en educatie. We werken er iedere dag aan om de uitdagingen waar de mensen die dieren houden en verzorgen in de praktijk mee te maken krijgen, beter te begrijpen en aan te pakken, op manieren die voor hen echt relevant zijn.


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