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Sponsors with a Booth at the Symposium

ECM Echo Control Medical - Visit our booth
Contact(s): Emmanuel Château - Céline Petit
Phone: + 33 5 45 92 03 57
Address: 126, Bd de la République, F-16000 Angouleme, France                         
ECM Echo Control Medical designs and manufactures portable ultrasound scanners for all Livestock applications. Ultrasonography is our core business since 1984; at that time we were a pioneer company scanning large animals. Since 2000 the portability of our systems is the main focus. Our current range is made of the IMAGO ultra-portable range, the EXAGO portable unit and the last generation of ECM scanners EXAPAD a full touchscreen system with high end image quality and specific & totally new features and its little “brother” the EXAPAD mini to make it one if not the widest and best range of veterinary scanners. You will also find all probes and accessories for ET and OPU techniques. In addition to the supplying of portable, reliable high-end systems, we also provide our expertise to our customers together with a fast and efficient after-sales service either directly or through our local distribution network.
Since end of June 2017, ECM is part of the IMV Technologies Group which includes also Polysem (Gloves) from France and Nifa (AI and ET equipment) from the Nederlands. Come & see our systems – we will be pleased to discuss further with you about your request.

IMV Technologies - Visit our booth
Phone: +33 (0) 2 33 34 64 64
Address: L'Aigle, Normandy, France                         
IMV Technologies, the world renowned leader in reproduction biotechnologies, has been associated with the equine field for nearly 30 years. Our headquarters are in l’Aigle, which is located in Normandy, France, the center of the trotter and purebred breeding. As such, we collaborate and partner closely with the equine reproduction professionals in research, technical support and product development.
Several partnerships with INRA, National Stables, veterinary universities and foreign universities in conjunction with our R&&D team provide you with the most current experience, information and products. Our international network, through subsidiaries in the US, Italy, India, the Netherlands, China and agents in over 120 countries offers unmatched knowledge of foreign markets and their respective differences.
Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of products to facilitate your work. From collection, semen examination, dilution with INRA 96, freezing with INRAFreeze, packaging, preservation and insemination, we offer a full range of products and services.
This display demonstrates our commitment to the Equine Breeding Industry to further genetic improvement. As you view our selected product line, please contact us if you have any questions regarding more products and services offered.

NIFA Technologies - Visit our booth
Contact(s): Janny Weima and Dick Potsma
Phone: +31 58 212 3279
Address: Ampèrestraat 4, 8912 AD Leeuwarden,
The Netherlands                         
NIFA Technologies is specialist in the field of Artificial Insemination (A.I.) and Embryo Transfer (E.T.). Our devices and products used for several species for both animal and human purpose lead to the highest possible results. Product development and validation takes place in close cooperation with our R&D team of 20 employees at IMV France and in close collaboration with pre-eminent universities. NIFA Technologies is located in the Netherlands and part of IMV Technologies France.

Botupharma - Visit our booth
Contact(s): Marco Antonio Alvarenga
Phone: +55 (14)3112-9900
Address: Rua Coronel Fonseca 2.111 Jardim Bom Pastor Botucatu/SP – CEP: 18.603-495 Brasil                         

Nidacon International AB - Visit our booth
Contact(s): Anna Niläng
Phone: +46 31 703 06 30
Address: Flöjelbergsgatan 16B Mölndal 43 137, Sweden                         
Nidacon, a Swedish company headquartered in Gothenburg, manufactures and markets medical devices, mainly for Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART), with IVF, ICSI, artificial insemination (IUI) and vitrification solutions. NidaCon continually strives to improve the outcome of ART, with more pregnancies, by developing superior media systems for clinics, patients and the animal breeding industry.

Minitüb GmbH - Visit our booth
Contact(s): Michael Penker
Phone: : +49 8709 9229 0
Address:  Hauptstrasse 41, 84184 Tiefenbach, Germany
Minitube International is a biotechnology company specialized in advanced reproduction technologies and molecular biology. With a complete line of assisted reproduction products and services, Minitube proudly serves clients worldwide in agricultural, sport and companion animal breeding as well as veterinary, medical and research communities. As an industry leader, Minitube recognizes the importance of providing products that do not compromise quality or safety. For this reason, all proprietary products are manufactured in own state-of-the-art ISO certified facilities.

Esaote Europe B.V.
Contact(s): Moniek Dekkers MSc
Phone: +31 (0)43 382 46 50
Address: Esaote Europe B.V., Philipsweg 1, NL-6227 AJ Maastricht, Belgium Branch:. Diegemstraat 46, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium
Esaote is "the" pioneer in ultrasound and MRI in the veterinary field. We have nearly 40 years of experience and market leadership. This makes Esaote the preferred supplier for many veterinary practices, clinics and research centres, as well as for many zoos and wildlife institutions. Offering perfect products in terms of quality, functionality, price, service and education, combined with a deep understanding of the veterinarians’ needs, will guarantee our top position in the veterinary imaging market. For the equine market our veterinary ultrasound scanners combine complete dedication, compactness, robustness and portability in one system and this makes the scanners extremely flexible due to their modular architecture. All our scanners are designed for a multi-application approach and we can offer a wide range of dedicated veterinary special purpose probes. The integrated battery ensures the possibility of performing an ultrasound examination whenever and wherever needed. Esaote will be present at the ISEET conference with its full range instrumentation for classic pregnancy diagnosis all the way up to transvaginal ovum pick up for in vitro embryo production. We hope to see you at the ISEET conference!

Mai Animal Health - Visit our booth
Contact(s): Laura Smith
Phone: +44 1225 791 184
Address:  4 Merlin Way, Bowerhill Industrial Estate, Melksham, Wilts SN12 6TJ, UK
At MAI Animal Health we manufacture products - ideas become reality. Because of our diverse manufacturing capabilities, we are able to pursue new concepts as well as improve existing products. Our experienced, precision manufacturing expertise allows MAI Animal Health to maintain quality control, consistently delivering superior products and solutions. We take pride in our ability to produce quality products that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Sigloo Foaling Alarm - Visit our booth
Contact(s): Gyorgy Penzes DVM
Phone: +36 3068 81941
Address: Patak u. 3., 2141 Csomor, Hungary                         
Sigloo Foaling Alarm: 100% reliability without false alarms. Over 600 satisfied users around the world, well known studs, horseclinics, vets and breeders. Highest technological level with friendly and personal service. Don't miss any birth and foal: buy or rent a Sigloo Foaling Alarm!

Veterinary Solutions - Visit our booth
Contact(s): Lode Leën
Phone: +32 474 773 889
Address: Grote Roost 39, 3500 Sint-Lambrechts-Herk, Hasselt, Belgium                         
Following the hugely successful wireless DR systems for equine veterinary surgeons, Veterinary Solutions now also offers its services to veterinary surgeons focusing on small domestic animals. With a range of customised solutions, of course. Veterinary Solutions is the official distributor in the Benelux of Fujifilm CR and DR X-ray equipment, and market leader for the latter.

C6 EVO Foaling Alarm - Visit our booth
Contact(s): Dr. Andrea Banchio
Phone: +393358055440
Address: Via Atene 3, 41049 Sassuolo (MO), Italy                         
C6 EVO Foaling Alarm has a microtransmitter, that allows you to manage any amount of deliveries for a minimum of two years before needing to be recharged, and one receiving apparatus equipped with a GSM modem which carries out up to 8 telephone calls and sends SMS at the moment of activation set of by the first stage of foaling.
A correct installation on the vulva of the microtransmitter in the last days of the pregnancy allows accurate monitoring of the foaling. C6 EVO Foaling Alarm system has therefore the ability to warn staff of the beginning of the foaling process therefore avoiding a lot of sleepless nights.

ChemoMetec A/S - Visit our booth
Contact(s): Søren V. Pedersen
Phone: +45 4813 1020
Address: Gydevang 43, 3450 Allerød, Denmark              
ChemoMetec A/S displays the NucleoCounter SP-100. It is considered the Gold Standard and provides accurate counting of sperm cells in ejaculates and extended doses (even frozen/thawed samples) in 30 seconds. It also measures %Viability of the semen and is therefore a tremendous help to successful breeding. It requires no calibration, no maintenance and is easily operated.

HuVeSearch bvba - Visit our booth
Contact(s): Leo Vankrieken
Phone: +32 474 988 280
Address: BC-Overpelt, Europalaan11, BE 3900 Overpelt, Belgium              
HuVeSearch is a company specialized in all products related to veterinary reproduction technologies and related products. We are the exclusive European distributor of the disposable Dry Shipper 3.0L and we are releasing in 2018 the FreezeTrack System: a unique tool to follow-up step-by-step the temperature of the shipped LN2 containers. In Belgium, we are the distributor for MiniTube, i-Sperm, West-Medica, Emperor for US scanners, and other companies.

Equipharma –Ecuphar NV - Visit our booth
Contact(s): John Hawkins, PHM
Phone: +32 475 810 365
Address: Legeweg 157-I, 8020 Oostkamp, Belgium              
Equipharma markets innovative products that contain all necessary components, not only via HACCP-principles but also in accordance with the current GMP and pharmaceutical standards in force. All our products were screened on dopingpositivity by LCH laboratories (Paris, France). Food supplements for horses are no substitute for a varied diet. This information is written by and intended for people who are professionally involved in the health and diet of horses. It is not intended for the lay person. Diagnoses and therapies must be conducted under the responsibility of a veterinary surgeon.

Contact(s): Sofie De Keersmaecker
Phone: +32 2/746.80.11
Address: Zoetis Belux, Mercuriusstraat 20, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium                         
Zoetis is een internationaal diergezondheidsbedrijf dat zich erop toelegt om zijn klanten en hun bedrijven op steeds betere manieren te ondersteunen. Voortbouwend op 60 jaar ervaring , leveren wij hoogwaardige geneesmiddelen, vaccins, ondersteuning en educatie. We werken er iedere dag aan om de uitdagingen waar de mensen die dieren houden en verzorgen in de praktijk mee te maken krijgen, beter te begrijpen en aan te pakken, op manieren die voor hen echt relevant zijn.

Dierenartsenpraktijk Doetinchem Zeddam
Contact(s): Mark Meijer
Phone: +31 314 663000
Address: Vinkwijkseweg 36, 7038 EP Zeddam
The Netherlands                         
We aim at providing a good service by advising our clients what the best veterinary course of action will be for their horse. As a team, we aim at being available and accessible to all our clients, be it for routine calls or emergency care. We realize that not everyone can be an expert in everything and will always seek the best advice from colleagues in or outside our hospital. Dierenartsenpraktijk Doetinchem – Zeddam is an enthusiastic group of veterinarians and veterinary nurses that puts team spirit high in their work ethics. A confident and reliable team that aims at providing the best possible care to client and patient.

ERC De Morette
Contact(s): Peter De Blende
Phone: +32 (0)2/453.00.61
Address: Edingsesteenweg 239, B-1730 Asse, Belgium                         


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