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Questions and Answers

I would like to purchase a copy of the books Equine Embryo Transfer by McCue and/or Equine Reproductive Procedure by Descanio and McCue. Can I reserve a copy?
Yes you can reserve a copy for purchasing at the meeting. Simply send a message to At the meeting, a copy of Equine Embryo Transfer costs €63 euros and Equine Reproductive Procedures costs €69 euros. Please bring cash, we cannot accept credit or debit cards.

Where do I pick-up my registration packet?
Please come to the registration desk in the hall at the door to the Auditorium Maximum lecture hall. We will have your registration packet and symposium bag ready and waiting for you.

How do I get access to the lecture hall?
All participants must wear the symposium wristband at all times. The wristband grants you entry to the lecture hall and identifies you as an ESER participant. The wristband and your name badge are provided in your registration package.

Where will the lectures take place?
Lectures will be held in the Auditorium Maximum at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine on the UGent Campus Merelbeke. The street address is Salisburylaan 133, 9820 Merelbeke-Gent. Link to the Google map:

Where is the Auditorium Maximum??
When you arrive on Campus, pass the gate and drive straight through, the pond/fountain will be on your left and there will be buildings on your right. Follow the road to the end and at the curve on your right, you will see the Auditorium Maximum. We have prepared a labelled map that you can download.

When does the meeting start?
The lectures will start at 8:30 on Thursday February 8th. Registration will be open at 7h45 in the Auditorium Maximum front of the lecture hall.

When does the meeting end?
The meeting ends on Friday February 9th at 17h00. For those that need to catch a flight on Friday evening, there will be free shuttles going to the Merelbeke train station starting at 16h00. For train schedules from Merelbeke to the airport consult the NMBS website or ask for help at the registration desk.

Can I take the ESER Bus from my hotel to Merelbeke on Thursday morning?
We have arranged for a private bus (Selecta Cars) to pick up ESER participants at a central point in downtown Ghent. The bus does NOT stop at individual hotels. The pick-up location to take the bus from the city center to campus is the Sint Jacobskerk (Saint Jacob’s church) in downtown Ghent. For more info go to or go to Google maps . You do not need a bus pass to take the bus on Thursday morning. Bus passes for the duration of the meeting can be purchased at the registration desk (€10 euros per pass for both days) upon your arrival at the meeting.

Where is the pick-up point for the bus?
The bus will leave on Thursday morning at 7h45 sharp from the Sint Jakobskerk (Sint Jakobs church). There is only one ESER bus service on Thursday morning, don't be late! If you miss the bus you will have to take a taxi or use public transportation.

What are the coordinates of the pickup place for the GPS?
The coordinates for the GPS are: 51.056134, 3.727885. See Google maps:

What to do if you miss the ESER bus?
You will have to take a taxi or take public city buses (de Lijn). De bus for the campus Merelbeke leaves from Gent Zuid Peron 5. You will need line 42 or 44 and go to “Merelbeke Salisburylaan”. A ticket is valid for a single journey and costs €3.00 per ticket.

Do I need to pay for the bus on Thursday morning?
No you do not need to pay on Thursday morning. Take the bus to the Merelbeke Campus. At the registration desk you can buy your bus pass for the entire meeting. The price is €10 euros per pass for both days. Please bring cash. There are no bank/cash machines or ATM on Campus.

Can I take the bus back from Campus to downtown Ghent?
Yes, you can take the bus back to downtown Ghent on Thursday evening after the reception (foreseen to end between 20h00 and 21h00) and on Friday afternoon at 17:15. There are also regular public city bus services (de Lijn) that you can take at the end of the afternoon lectures. A ticket is valid for a single journey and it costs €3.00 per ticket.

Will there be transportation on Friday after the meeting ends?
Yes, there will be a shuttle to the Merelbeke Train Station for those participants that need to take a train to Zaventem - Brussels International Airport. Others can take the ESER bus back to the city center leaving from Campus at 17:15.

Can I park my car on campus?
Yes there is free parking on campus. After you have entered the campus, take the third exit at the first round-about. You may leave your car overnight (campus gate is locked during the night) and take the ESER bus to the city center if you desire.

Where will lunch be served?
On Thursday and Friday, lunch will be available at the university restaurant on Campus. This is the only nearby place where you can have lunch. There will be a choice of warm meals and sandwiches, as well as vegetarian plates. You will need to pay for your lunch. The restaurant only accepts cash. Make sure to bring cash as the restaurant cannot accept credit cards or debit cards, cash only. Prices for lunch ranges between 9€ and 18€.

How do we pay for lunch?
CASH ONLY. Please bring cash as the restaurant does not accept credit or debit cards. Prices for lunch ranges between 9€ and 18€.

Is lunch included in the registration fee?
No, lunch is not included in the registration fee. You will have to pay for your lunch on Thursday and Friday. Prices for lunch ranges between 9€ and 18€.

Is the reception on Thursday evening included in the registration fee?
The reception is offered in part by the sponsors. The reception will take place at the restaurant after the afternoon sessions end. There will be free food and drinks. There will be Belgian fries and other types of typical Belgian fried foods, waffles, pancakes and other sweets and sandwiches. The reception will start at around 17h30 and is expected to run until 20h00-21h00. Busses will take you back to downtown Ghent at the end of the reception.

Are there coffee breaks?
Yes, for each day there are two breaks per day. In the morning there is a coffee/tea break and in the afternoon there is a break where water, juice and other fresh drinks will be available and are complimentary.

When will I have time to visit the commercial booths?
You will be able to visit the commercial booths of our sponsors during the morning coffee breaks, lunches and during the reception. Booth will close after lunch on Friday.

Where is the reception on Thursday evening?
The reception will take place on the campus at the University restaurant after the afternoon sessions end. The reception will start at around 17h30 and end between 20h00 and 21h00.

Will there be food at the reception?
Yes there will be food (including vegetarian options). Food and drinks are free at the reception. Join us!

Will there be vegetarian food at the reception?

Can I bring a friend to the reception? Yes participants may bring a friend or relative to the reception at no extra charge.

Where can I leave my luggage on Friday Feb. 9th while at the meeting?
If you plan to check out from your hotel and leave from the meeting to the airport or go home, you are welcome to bring your luggage to the meeting. We will receive it at the registration desk and keep it for you until you request it. There is no charge for this service.

Can I leave my coat, bag and/or suitcase at the meeting?
YES. There will be a proper cloakroom where you can leave your belongings.

Are there proceedings of the meeting?
Copies of the slide presentations and other relevant material will be made available in electronic format on the ESER website before the meeting. You are welcome to download the proceedings on a device or print them before coming to the meeting. We will NOT distribute paper copies NOR will we distribute USB keys with proceedings.

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