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ESER 2018 Proceedings

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Proceedings are now available (download by clicking on the titles below)

ESER 2018 Proceedings

Patrick McCue - USA

  1. Ovarian abnormalities of the mare
  2. Diagnosis and treatment of endometritis
    Additonal Papers:
  3. Equine Uterine Culture: Common Contaminants
  4. Equine Uterine Culture
  5. Equine Uterine Cytology
  6. Embryo transfer - the art of transferring embryos
James Crabtree - UK
  1. Approach to the "repeat breeder mare"
  2. Dystocia in the field - a practical approach
    Additonal Papers:
  3. Correction of equine dystocia
  4. Dystocia in the field - a practical approach
  5. Fetotomy technique in the mare
  6. Approach to the "repeat breeder mare"
Tom Stout - The Netherlands
  1. Ovum Pick-Up - OPU
    Additonal Papers:
  2. Oocyte collection in the mare; efficiency of ovum pick-up, and techniques for shipping ovaries and/or oocytes
Marco Livini - Italy
  1. Fetal sexing in mares: 10+ years practical experience
  2. Transrectal monitoring of the pregnancy from mid to late gestation: Useful application in practice
    Additonal Papers:
  3. Equine fetal gender determination from mid- to advanced-gestation by ultrasound
  4. Assessment of feto-placental well-being in the mare from mid-gestation to term: Transrectal and transabdominal ultrasonographic features
Jesper Møller Nielsen - Denmark
  1. Factors affecting fertility in a commercial frozen semen insemination program
  2. Endometritis - dormant Strep and treatment
    Additonal Papers:
  3. Activation of persistent Streptococcus equi subspecies zooepidemicus in mares with subclinical endometritis
  4. Diagnosis of equine endometritis - Microbiology, cytology and histology of endometrial biopsies and the correlation to fertility
  5. Factors affecting fertility in a commercial frozen semen insemination program
  6. Endometritis in the mare: A diagnostic study comparing cultures from swab and biopsy
  7. Uterine yeast infection Is the prognosis for pregnancy always guarded or bad?
  8. Streptococcus equi subspecies zooepidemicus resides deep in the chronically infected endomitrium of mares
  9. Factors associated with fertility in horses in a Danish equine practice after artificial insemination with frozen-thawed stallion semen.
  10. Equine endometrial streptococcal infections. Prevalence of isolates from sexually rested and sexually active mares
Jean-François Bruyas - France
  1. Morphological, hormonal and histological modifications induced by immunization against GnRH in stallions
  2. GnRH vaccination in mares & stallions. Immunological potentially reversible gonadectomy
    Additonal Papers:
  3. Morphological, hormonal and histological modifications induce by mmunisation against GnRH in stallions
Carolina Herrera - Switzerland
  1. In vitro production of equine embryos and genetic testing
  2. Cryopreservation of equine embryos Additonal Papers:
  3. Application of Ovum Pick-Up, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection and Embryo Culture in Equine Practice
  4. Effect of potential oocyte transport protocols on blastocyst rates after intracytoplasmic sperm injection in the horse
  5. Developmental competence of equine oocytes and embryos obtained by in vitro procedures ranging from in vitro maturation and ICSI to embryo culture, cryopreservation and somatic cell nuclear transfer
  6. Use of in vitro maturation of oocytes, intracytoplasmic sperm injection and in vitro culture to the blastocyst stage in a commercial equine assisted reproduction program
  7. Successful cryopreservation of expanded equine blastocysts
  8. Cryopreservation of Day 8 equine embryos after blastocyst micromanipulation and vitrification
  9. Influence of Embryonic Size and Manipulation on Pregnancy Rates of Mares After Transfer of Cryopreserved Equine Embryos
Harald Sieme - Germany
  1. Fertility of cooled and transported semen based on field studies and how to optimize the storage of equine semen
    Additonal Papers:
  2. Semen Evaluation
  3. Freezing Semen
Richard Newton, UK
  1. Herpes and equine pregnancy
  2. Vaccination schedules on a studfarm
    Additonal Papers:
  3. Code of practice
  4. Equine herpesvirus-1: Dealing practically but effectively with an ever present threat
  5. Equine Herpes Virus-1: Virus, Immunity and Vaccines
  6. Evaluation of the field efficacy of an avirulent live Lawsonia intracellularis vaccine in foals
  7. Evidence of host adaptation in Lawsonia intracellularis infections
  8. Controlling EVA in the 21st Century: ‘zero tolerance’ or ‘live and let live’?
  9. Influential factors inducing suboptimal humoral response to vector-based influenza immunisation in Thoroughbred foals
Mark Meyer - The Netherlands
  1. Retained fetal membranes in mares: alternative treatment
  2. How to Use Umbilical Vessel Water Infusion to Treat Retained Fetal Membranes in Mares
  3. Video: Retained Placenta method Zeddam (YouTube video)
Anthony Claes - The Netherlands
  1. Use of AMH in diagnosis of ovarian tumors and cryptorchidism
    Additonal Papers:
  2. Biological Functions and Clinical Applications of Anti-Mu¨ llerian Hormone in Stallions and Mares
Marco Alvarenga - Brazil
  1. Semen filter an alternative to centrifugation (mp4 video)
Dominik Burger - Switzerland
  1. Reproductive strategies: How to use nature to optimize results
  2. How genetic diversity has an impact on equine fertility: The MHC story
    Additonal Papers:
  3. Effects of ground semen collection on weight bearing on hindquarters, libido, and semen parameters in stallions
  4. Ejaculate Characteristics Depend on Social Environment in the Horse (Equus caballus)
  5. MHC-correlated preferences in diestrous female horses (Equus caballus)
  6. Major histocompatibility complex-linked social signalling affects female fertility
  7. Stallion semen quality depends on MHC matching to teaser mare
  8. Exposure to stallion accelerates the onset of mares’ cyclicity

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