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Feb. 8-9, 2018 - Campus Merelbeke, U. Ghent, Belgium

The First European Practitioners Symposium on Equine Reproduction (ESER) is a two-day course designed for practicing equine veterinarians. We have invited 12 experts from Europe and North America who will cover topics in both mare and stallions. The symposium offers cutting-edge lectures on the latest information and practical tips to equine practitioners.

The meeting is limited to 220 participants. The meeting is sold out. See who is attending the meeting (Who is going). Mark your calendar and see you in Ghent in February 2018!

This ESER symposium is organized to generate financial support for the International Symposium on Equine Reproductions (ISER 2018), a more research-oriented conference on equine reproduction organized every four years. A fixed amount of the registration fee will be donated to the ISER 2018 and used to provide travel grants for young, promising scientist that would like to attend the ISER 2018. We are very grateful to the many speakers who have generously offered their time to speak at the ESER Symposium. Deadline for submission of abstracts to the ISER-2018 in Cambridge is Feb 1, 2018. For more information go to the ISER 2018 Website.


Detailed conference program is now available (View and Download)

Patrick McCue - USA

Ovarian abnormalities of the mare
Diagnosis and treatment of endometritis
Embryo transfer - the art of transferring embryos
Challenging clinical cases in mares

James Crabtree - UK

Approach to the "repeat breeder mare"
Dystocia in the field - a practical approach 

Tom Stout - The Netherlands

Ovum Pick-Up - OPU 

Marco Livini - Italy

Fetal sexing in mares: 10+ years practical experience
Transrectal monitoring of the pregnancy from mid to late gestation: Useful application in practice 

Jesper M°ller Nielsen - Denmark

Factors affecting fertility in a commercial frozen semen insemination program
Endometritis - dormant Strep and treatment 

Jean-Franšois Bruyas - France

GnRH Vaccination in mares and stallions 

Carolina Herrera - Switzerland

In vitro production of equine embryos (and preimplantation genetic testing)
Freezing embryos / embryo collapse 

Harald Sieme - Germany

Fertility of cooled and transported semen based on field studies and how to optimize the storage of equine semen 

Richard Newton, UK

Herpes and equine pregnancy
Vaccination schedules on a studfarm 

Mark Meyer - The Netherlands

Retained Placenta: my treatment 

Anthony Claes - The Netherlands

Use of AMH in diagnosis of ovarian tumors and cryptorchidism

Marco Alvarenga - Brazil

Semen filter an alternative to centrifugation 

Dominik Burger - Switzerland

Reproductive strategies: How to use nature to optimize results
How genetic diversity has an impact on equine fertility: The MHC story 

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