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15th International Colloquium on Paratuberculosis

Jun. 14-18, 2020

Dublin Castle, Dame St, Dublin, Ireland

It is an honour for me as Chairman of the International Association for Paratuberculosis (Dublin 2020) Committee to formally invite you to the 15th IAP Colloquium be staged in Dublin, Ireland in June 2020. Our committee is made up of representatives of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, University College Dublin, Animal Health Ireland, Animal Health and Welfare Northern Ireland, Agri- Food and Biosciences Institute, Northern Ireland and Teagasc (The Irish Agricultural Research Organisation).

Paratuberculosis is increasingly being recognised as one of the most important infectious diseases affecting livestock production across the island of Ireland. Production lost to paratuberculosis is a significant barrier to farm profitability and trade in animal products. Over the last number of years, Ireland has been very successful in developing a significant programme of research into the disease involving institutes including University College Dublin, Queen’s University Belfast, Cork Institute of Technology, AFBINI, and the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory of the Department of Agriculture securing substantial national and international research funding.

Attendees can expect a seamless delegate experience and cost-effective, easy access to Ireland’s shores. Accommodation is blocked around the venue to ensure a wide variety of choice to suit all budgets; furthermore many hotels and guesthouses are within walking distance of the venue, so the costs of attending the conference in Dublin will be kept as low as possible. Ireland’s destination appeal has a proven track record of creating an uplift of 10% in delegate numbers; thereby ensuring the attendance is strong and guaranteeing excellent exposure for all industrial partners.

​In coming to historic Dublin you can be assured of a productive and memorable colloquium, discover Irish heritage, culture and music and, of course, experience the world renowned hospitality of Ireland.

Cead Mile Failte (one hundred thousand welcomes).





International Association for Paratuberculosis (IAP)

International Association for Paratuberculosis

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