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IVIS is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing up-to-date, clinically relevant information to practicing veterinarians, veterinary students and scientists active in animal health and research. IVIS makes this information available worldwide using the Internet.

The IVIS library includes the IVIS Books , Proceedings of Veterinary Organizations and IVIS Continuing Education. The IVIS Books include reviews of clinical advances in a specific area of veterinary practice and texts covering many aspects of veterinary medicine and classic textbooks otherwise unavailable but of historic and/or academic interest. The IVIS Proceedings Section offers a place to a growing number of professional veterinary organizations to publish proceedings of annual meetings and special symposia on the Internet. The IVIS Continuing Education Section offers manuals of past or future shortcourses and workshops, and links to educational and interactive websites. The IVIS editors and authors are veterinary clinicians and scientists recognized internationally in their areas of specialty and are selected with the advice of the IVIS Editorial Board.

Editors of IVIS e-books are recruited based on suggestions from the IVIS Editorial Board, nominations by colleagues and self-nominations. Editors are selected based on clinical experience and/ or research in their area of expertise. IVIS Contributing Authors are selected by the IVIS Editors based on their ability to contribute chapters containing up-to-date information on topics relevant to the editor’s e-book. Authors are typically recruited by individual editors, but may also be selected following nomination for a particular topic. All contributions are carefully reviewed by the Editor(s), one or more members of the IVIS Editorial Board and one or more ad-hoc reviewers.

The IVIS web site provides a convenient way to access information on Veterinary Medicine and is provided as a free service to clinicians, researchers, librarians, educators and veterinary students with the financial support of private, public and corporate sponsors. The International Veterinary Information Service (IVIS) is a New York not-for-profit corporation based in New York. IVIS is a 501 © (3) charitable organization and is eligible for tax deductible contributions. The names "International Veterinary Information Service" and "IVIS" are trade names. All correspondence can be directed to IVIS, P.O. Box 4371, Ithaca, NY 14852. IVIS offices can also be contacted.


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